Performance Measurement in the Physical Store

Struggling to improve your retail environment? It’s a difficult ask for management to keep an eye on multiple Key Performance Indicators and expect them to make informed decisions that actually improve your retail environment. Fortunately, the inReality Performance Score helps

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Queue analytics in action

Help solve simple questions like: When is it time to add another Coffee Machine? We ran into an interesting application this last week. One of our channel partner’s clients had an interesting issue, understanding when an additional coffee machine makes

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inReality’s Privacy First Mindset

With technology rapidly evolving, especially in retail analytics, privacy is at many times the last thing on many companies’ minds. Here at inReality, we make privacy a forefront of our business, maintaining privacy is one of our pillars and main

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inReality at NAMA Show 2022

We had a great time attending the NAMA Show on Convenience Services in Chicago from April 6-8th. With many interesting events and companies attending, inReality with our partner Vayyar was excited to learn even more about this industry while making

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