Performance Measurement in the Physical Store

Struggling to improve your retail environment? It’s a difficult ask for management to keep an eye on multiple Key Performance Indicators and expect them to make informed decisions that actually improve your retail environment. Fortunately, the inReality Performance Score helps retailers make effective decisions at speed and scale based on relevant data. How? You’ve seen how complex metrics are summarized into a single number: credit score, Fitbit’s sleep score, electric vehicle’s driver efficiency score. Following the same concept, inReality uniquely combines several metrics and KPIs into one score making it easy for retailers to decipher, digest, and act on. inReality’s solution provides retailers with custom automated insights which allows for quick comprehension of the impact of changes or initiatives across different regions or events leading to benefits in traffic to certain products, improvement in customer experience, and thus increases in revenues/efficiencies. Understand shopper behavior with ease using our individualized performance score, enabling you to optimize your retail business.

Get the Best Solutions With inReality Performance Measurement

inReality’s main goal is to bring useful retail analytics to the masses. What we mean by this is we want anyone to be able to pick up and use our product and gain great value in understanding their retail consumer behavior. We have set up our business model to follow this by creating a solution that is not only cost-effective but has a ton of value. As you browse through our features and offerings, you will find that we have spent lots of development and energy understanding the main pain points in not only retail analytics, but as well as in each of our client’s applications- this has allowed us the experience and know-how to create ‘larger than life’ solutions that analyze meaningful retail data for a larger picture. We are excited to innovate this industry by being the first to provide something like the inReality Performance Score within retail analytics.

Simplify using the inReality Performance Score

InReality Performance Scores simplify traffic measurement and engagement at key points of decision for many sectors such as marketing, finance, and management by providing them with a mechanism for assessing and evaluating each fixture, segmented by date, day of the week, location, or region. Furthermore, our analytics platform incorporates these performance scores to track customer interaction with real-time events. Hence, we help retailers simplify to retain customers and get more sales.

Get Automated Insights for Decision-making

Gone are the days of having to fine comb through data to understand its importance! inReality has a machine-learning algorithm that provides accessible data. We turn this accessible data into data that is more specific to your business by choosing the most significant metrics and algorithms. Once we get this significant data, we are able to track it in real-time, set custom parameters, and provide automated insights that you and your management teams can use to improve various aspects of your retail business.

Lead with Technology and Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

Leverage inReality’s technology for performance measurement to understand the changing environment of retail, further expanding the way your business reacts to consumer behavior before your competitors. Understanding which methods work best for unique audiences allows you and your management team the information and automated insights to make changes that better tend to your unique consumer data. inReality’s solution allows you to stay ahead of your competition by accessing consumer behavior from the beginning and creating an environment ideal for them instead of using a reaction-based management loop.

Trusted by Many Brands and Retailers

Our performance score has helped many well-known brands to leverage real-time data and actionable data to understand unique shopper behaviors. Brands such as large bottling and soft drinks companies, top cellular providers, well-known beauty brands, large clothing brands, and more have trusted inReality for getting real performance data solutions that drive real results. Understanding how to optimize the setup for one location, trickling it down to understanding global consumer behavior and the differences between locations proved to be key for a large snacks retailer. With this information, they were able to optimize: packaging, set up, and verbiage for multiple locations.

Why inReality’s Performance Score Works

Why Choose inReality?

It’s no secret that the whole retail industry has significantly changed. In the past, retailers were less familiar with performance measurement; they just showcased their products and sold them out the door with not much knowledge to what works and what does not. Today, smart retailers understand acquisition costs are higher than before and are not coming down. The importance to gather performance data for retail touchpoints, to constantly optimizing their stores to achieve the highest conversion rates for each consumer that walks in their doors is at an all-time high.

In the light of the changing environment, inReality has developed a cost-effective solution to help you and your customers make informed decisions based on facts rather than gut feelings alone. It’s the first solution in the industry that is built for the masses, as a solution anyone can afford, and actually performs well to help retailers grow sales!

You can rely on us to provide:
  • A better understanding of shopper behavior with our performance score in physical and online stores.
  • Automated insights, easy-to-understand, and straightforward performance scores without a subscription allow customers to better engage with technology.
  • Convenient to use and easy to set up with the inReality Mobile App.
  • Leading with privacy without cameras or mobile phone tracking.
  • Exceptional support with non-tech companies.
  • Cost-effective solution with flexible pricing.

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