Simplify your camera analytics for scale


Meet the industry’s first full service
in-venue analytics platform.

We deliver the most reliable, easiest to scale solution to collect, organize and
transfer data for analysis, all with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Capture, Correlate,
Report & Respond

View category scorecards, gather key KPIs and take action–agile, simple and built for scale.


Features and Benefits

Keeping it Real Guarantee

If you don't get your data,
you don't pay


We set up and pre-configure your devices - all you have to do is bring them online


We monitor and remotely fix most issues, escalating only when needed


Data delivered in the format your customer requires, from scorecard to spreadsheet to a real-time API feed


At scale, 20% less than competitors for total cost of ownership (player, sensor, deployment + maintenance + software)


Built to NIST, GDPR, and CCPA standards, data security and privacy are a priority

The Metrics that Matter

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