One platform for measuring and
influencing shoppers at the shelf edge.

Leverage our venue analytics to enhance
your customer’s outcomes

Media optimization

Innovation Concept optimization

Staff optimization

Zone/Display optimization

Know more. Sell more.

Use the inReality Analytics Platform to understand shopper engagement at

the last 8 feet. So you can SELL MORE!

The inReality analytics platform transforms how your clients both

understand, influence and optimize customer behavior at

the last 8 feet.

Turning Data into insights - Automatically!

  • AI engine learns ‘normal’ and flags anomalies.
  • Descriptive text with commentary in plain language.
  • Visible on mobile APP or any browser.

Flexible Visualization Options

  • Create and customize dashboards with viewing rights.
  • Segment data by location, demographics, behaviour
    and more.
  • Restful API for data analytics teams and
    BI Tool Integration.

Real-time Events that increase SALES!

  • Triggers messages, alerts and changes to digital content.
  • On the edge Rules Engine for fast response.
  • Create, manage and subscribe to rules.

Privacy by Design

  • Designed to meet GDPR and CCPA.
  • No images stored and no PII captured.
  • Most operations processed on the edge.

Data manipulation and transformation

  • Powerful Formula editor to create new KPIs.
  • Supports time boxing of events and applying math.
  • Import and correlate 3rd party data including,
    Point of Sale.

Simple client account management

  • Manage and Support your clients from one login.
  • Create and define user roles and access.
  • Includes device monitoring and remote troubleshooting.

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inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.