How inReality Camera Analytics Provided Insights for World Expo

World Expos take place every 5 years and are one of the oldest and largest international events on Earth, lasting around 6 months. It is a festival for all but is catered for the world to experience, explore, innovate and have fun by sharing ideas and working together to achieve larger goals to further innovate our society.

A world expo is a prestigious event and inReality was honored to attend and be a large part of the analytics side of the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. Various countries, including the host country, take part in this event during which they represent themselves in some form or another. In fact, expos provide host states with a great opportunity to display their best qualities to the rest of the world, and this is where inReality was asked to get involved.

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Saudi Arabia Pavilion, the second-largest pavilion, showcased Saudi Arabian culture and what the country has planned for the future. With a total area of 13,059 sqm, this pavilion used inReality’s camera analytics at different points of interest to control crowds and analyze engagement and traffic. In this blog, we will explain how inReality used its camera analytics to provide insights for WorldExpo.
Let’s have a look!

inReality Cameras and Saudi Pavilion

In the vision space, a giant, multifaceted globe with an interactive floor takes you on an audiovisual journey through Saudi Arabia’s creative scene. The artistic vision of a collective of local Saudi artists is realized through a 30-meter-diameter globe and interactive floor.

With that said, it provides an opportunity for inReality to use dozens of cameras at the entrance and different areas of interest of the pavilion, as well as in various sites of the pavilion. The data on visitors’ numbers and their segmentation based on age and gender was collected and is used to update pavilion organizers on different factors during the Expo and the need for security in areas having greater engagement.

inReality Cameras and Saudi Pavilion

Using inReality solutions, particularly engagement analytics, made the pavilion’s surveillance system more efficient. Moreover, it reduced the workload on management staff and security. It helped in the efficient surveillance and was used for:

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition
  • People counting & dwell time monitoring
  • Recognizing lines at checkout and sending alerts
  • And more

Information Provided by Camera Analytics

Installed in different areas of interest, inReality camera analytics not only provided surveillance but also provided valuable insights for World Expo. Getting these valuable insights enabled the pavilion to manage the crowd and also understand its visitors. In addition, it offered metrics and data for enhancing engagement points. It identified hotspots to determine which areas are most frequently visited and have a higher number of visitors.

inReality camera analytics covered the following highlighting information for the Saudi Pavilion:

  • People Counting: Around 5 million people
  • Age Group: Young adults (The most common age group)
  • Highest Traffic Hour: 5 pm
  • Average Venue Traffic: 24684

Face and Body Recognition to Identify and Verify

Recognizing face and body movements becomes possible with camera analytics. In real-time, our solution offered precision and accurate recognition of faces. While detecting body movements, it became easy to identify the most engaging points of the pavilion. No matter how much the light conditions varied, the camera analytics maintained high accuracy throughout the World Expo’s duration.

How inReality Tackled Challenges at World Expo

  • One of the challenges we faced there, was that the original security CCTV cameras used had very poor angles and lines of sight. In addition, the built-in settings of the cameras were not easy to change which also caused many issues. We tackled these issues by leveraging our knowledge and experience, successfully providing a solution with more than 90 percent overall accuracy.
  • Another challenge was that cameras had light reflection issues. To face this problem, we used existing “Welcome Cameras” for people counting.
  • Miscounts were caused by the loitering of people around the different zones of the Pavilion. We rectified this issue by improving the zone areas.
  • Although many interesting issues arose, our team, led by our wonderful CTO Shylesh Karuvath, was able to overcome all the obstacles to provide huge people counting and analytics support, maintaining over 90 percent accuracy for our data using previously installed, dated hardware.

How inReality Tackled Challenges at World Expo

inReality’s Solution is a powerful technology. Leveraging this technology can help retailers optimize their sales. inReality sensors offer great potential for formulating solutions to meet changing customer demands through the data they provide. Retailers can integrate them on shelf edges and fixtures. Through the utilization of new or existing sensors, it is possible to monitor customer behavior, automate retail functions, increase turnover, along with security.

  • Understand Customer Behavior

    With sensor analytics and people counting, retailers can increase their operations. They can better understand the store’s traffic in real-time. Understanding customer behavior helps retailers make well-informed decisions, make the best strategies, and improve reaction time.

  • Customer Recurrence

    Retailers can determine customer recurrence using camera analytics. That way, they can measure how often their customers visit their store at a specific time.

  • Attribute Detection

    Camera analytics use different attribute detectors to capture the knowledge of the attributes of each captured person. You can detect the gender, age group, employees of your store, and even sentiments of your customers. We also have radar sensor solutions that follow higher privacy standards.

  • Dwell Time

    Retailers can get clear data about the dwell time which means they can find out the duration their customers spent at specific areas of the store on average.

  • inReality App

    This app provides great control of hardware, sensors, access to data, and the ability to set up active areas as well as display a live view. inReality’s All-in-one Platform and BI tool are used to view data on Dashboard, build in-depth reports, and receive automated insights that are actionable for management to easily use to make improvements.


Saudi Pavilion received an award of ‘Best Pavilion’ at world Expo 2020 and leveraged the inReality camera analytics to measure traffic and customer engagement. With camera analytics, they provided insights for the World Expo. In the same way, retailers can use this platform to increase customer engagement and generate greater revenue.

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