Report Digital Signage engagement to increase valuation

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Operator or Installer of Digital Signage networks


Measure and report digital signage audience metrics


Enables digital signage network owners to evaluate different positions in a space and different content to assess what works best.   For DOOH applications, is typically used to determine cost per ad based on traffic and impressions metrics.


Mount a sensor on top of the screen, or on a nearby wall, leveraging access to the existing internet and power required by the digital sign system.

Top 7 ways analytics are used with digital signage

Enable real-time tracking

and measurement of people in areas around display and their dwell time.

Marketing Effectiveness

Use the analytics captured by the display to measure the impact of marketing campaign effectiveness in driving in venue engagement.

Use for Proximity Based content triggers,

updating the content from large font, low details to more informative content as viewer gets closer.

Identify when it is time for a refresh

Ongoing monitoring of the Performance Score lets you identify when it is time for a content update

Understand Digital Signage Engagement

score how well the CONTENT DESIGN or the SCREEN LOCATION is engaging area traffic, to help inform future content decision

Support ad based networks with real metrics

Segmented by time of day and day of week.

A/B Test everything

The ability to A/B test changes to digital content, screen position, promotions and ads relative to a baseline of traffic, sales and conversion rate.

inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.