New inReality white paper: Paving the path to smart retail media

The religious debate at hand is if the model to follow is that of mass reach and frequency or personalization valued by both the people it reaches and the advertisers seeking to connect with them. Given that many of retail media’s apertures are digital, it would seem plausible to model after other established digital marketing tools such as online and mobile marketing. The challenge is that many in-store marketing vehicles first appeared in print. Therefore, they have too often been categorized as ‘print in motion’ versus the extremely powerful digital engagement tools that they are. As multiple industry change agents have appeared both technologically and culturally, the time is now to recast how we view in-store digital media and the role in which it can play for all involved in the retail ecosystem when it becomes ‘smart’. 


This white paper is meant to offer a POV on this topic. The views expressed are based on experience, history and irrefutable lessons learned from both retail as well as other vertical channels.

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