Vending Machine Performance improvements start with understanding Traffic Conversion


Operator or Installer of Vending Machines


Measure and report a vending machine’s ability to engage and convert passerby traffic into buyers.


Enables vending machine network operators to assess different positions in a space, the impact of static signage, different designs and digital attract loop content, product selection and price points. 


Integrate a sensor into the door of the vending machine, on top of the machine, or on a nearby wall, leveraging access to the existing internet and power required by the vending machine.

Top 5 reasons for mearuring traffic conversion

Converting Traffic

Simplest way to measure and compare how well you are converting passerby traffic into engagement.

Assess Marketing Effectiveness

Measure the impact of marketing campaign effectiveness in driving engagement.

Understand Vending Machine Performance & Conversion Rate

When combined with the Vending Machine’s transaction data, score how well the DESIGN or LOCATION is converting traffic.

Identify when it is time for refresh

Ongoing monitoring of the Performance Score lets you identify when it is time for a graphic or content update

A/B Testing

The ability to A/B test changes to vending machine’s digital screen content, machine position, graphics, and product mix relative to the baseline traffic, sales and conversion rate.

Why inReality’s Engagement Tracker?


There is no simpler, more cost effective, sensor that provides this depth of insight in the market today


The only solution on the market that does not rely on cameras or cell phone tracking 


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Built on industry leading cloud platform providing a secure and manageable way to access your data

inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.