Leverage actionable data
to optimize outcomes

inReality’s Retail Analytics Solution is a value-driven strategy that augments the shopping experience of customers and facilitates optimization for retailers. By leveraging this platform, retailers can understand the factors that are affecting their customer outcomes.


“Google analytics” type insights available for key points of decision – the last 8 feet!

Retail Analytics Solution

Our 3 core capabitlities

Solution to Optimize :

Determine the best performing content through A/B testing. Through testing, insights into customer behavior, factors that drive traffic, bounce rates, and target leads can all be found to show how to optimize content. The optimized content ensures that it entices the customers and brings higher conversion rates.
Placement of fixtures within a retail space is critical to gain the most engagement. By performing, testing, and measuring fixture placement inReality gives you actionable data to find the key points of decision for your retail spaces.
Staff Engagement
Understand traffic trends to plan the optimal staffing or better understand sales associate engagement.
Media Valuation
inReality makes sure that all media campaigns are effective. We want to enhance your CPM rate, impressions, and overall EMV. This ensures that critical audience data is available to improve the value of in-venue digital networks.
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Solution to Optimize :

Digital Signage
Engage your customers with targeted digital signage content. Utilize proximity and dwell time to personalize content and increase consumer activity.
Personalize a shopper's journey with dynamic fixtures. Products highlighted with LED light strips have a higher potential to attract and entice customers. inReality offers solutions to find optimal lighting with the highest engagement rates.
Audio Cues
Well-optimized audios delivering a personalized message to audiences will attract targeted customers and will increase purchase rates. inReality solutions are focused on driving sales higher and does so with leveraging audio cues.
Staff Alerts
Having convenient customer assistance can be key for making sales. inReality has effective solutions that help improve staff alerts to enhance customer’s experiences and ensure that help never goes unnoticed.
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inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.