How store designers use analytics to optimize overall performance

real time store shopper data analytics

Application Overview


A large Retailer


Collect accurate passerby and entrance traffic while exposing specific fixture engagement level


The collected data drives data driven decision making on product display layouts, the testing of new products, and optimizing movement between departments.  It also allows the store manager to make both proactive and predictive decisions on staffing needs.


Placing a sensor at the entrance to understand footfall by time of day and day of week allows the retailer to optimize their staffing levels.  With sensors at department intersection points, it exposes cross departmental traffic.  In addition, sensors installed on key fixtures provide the percentage of passerby footfall that is engaged (engagement percentage) and their typical dwell time.

Why inReality’s Engagement Tracker?


There is no simpler, more cost effective, sensor that provides this depth of insight in the market today


The only solution on the market that does not rely on cameras or cell phone tracking 


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Built on industry leading cloud platform providing a secure and manageable way to access your data

inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.