How retail operations use analytics to minimize queue wait times

Application Overview


Store Operations


Measure and decrease queue lengths


Long queue lengths can cause shoppers to abandon their cart and have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.  Understanding queue lengths by day of week and time of day help improve staff planning.


Mount the sensor either above the queue or on a nearby wall.  Connect to a local wifi network or use a cellular modem.  Queue length and average dwell time is reported and can be used for better planning.  Optionally, with the Pro Plus plan, sales staff can be alerted via overhead audio or messaging in Real-Time to take action.

Top 4 reasons for monitoring queue lengths

Lower Abandonment

Don’t lose customers because of long wait times – as much as 1 in 3 will leave if queue lengths exceed 5 minutes.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

by minimizing queue lengths and wait times, increasing customer loyalty.

Improve Staffing Levels

by using actual average wait times to inform decisions around staffing levels of associates, queues to open, by time-of-day and day-of-week.

Flex Open Registers on Demand

Enable real-time notification of queues exceeding pre-defined thresholds to alert staff that register lanes should be opened

Why inReality’s Engagement Tracker?


There is no simpler, more cost effective, sensor that provides this depth of insight in the market today


The only solution on the market that does not rely on cameras or cell phone tracking 


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inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
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