Understand Fixture Engagement to improve its performance

inreality fixture engagement graphic


Store designers and Merchandisers


Measure and report footfall and shopper behavior around fixtures


The collected data drives data driven decision making on product display layout, the testing of new products, planogram evaluations and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Integrate a sensor in each of the fixtures, along with a common cell modem for internet connectivity.

Top 8 reasons why measuring engagement will improve your store's ROI

Determine actual foot traffic

into an area to help determine appropriate investment level for the space

Consider making changes to the product mix or promotional pricing

if signage is driving engagement to the area, but your not seeing the conversion

Perform A-B testing

on designs, position, product mix and signage content

Select the right placement for the display

Identify the areas with the most traffic and engagement

Move up or delay content refresh

based on a change in engagement levels

Identify the products which are getting

engagement traffic and dwell, but not actually selling because the size/options/price is not right, then make changes.

Measure the impact and rate marketing effectiveness

of all internal and external promotions and ad campaigns to help form future design, timing, and execution decisions

Research best practices

Compare overall and specific area performance across individual stores, identify best practices to implement across network.

Why inReality’s Engagement Tracker?


There is no simpler, more cost effective, sensor that provides this depth of insight in the market today


The only solution on the market that does not rely on cameras or cell phone tracking 


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Built on industry leading cloud platform providing a secure and manageable way to access your data

inReality's Retail Analytics platform simplifies measuring
traffic and engagement at key points of decision.