What is a Safe Space, and Why Do Businesses Need One?

Many businesses wonder if they need to invest in safe space protocols. Are they a fad or a new cultural expectation? Learn here.

Are You Unknowingly Breaking “The Blacklist” for Facial Recognition Software?

If you are doing temperature screening and using facial recognition, you may have unwittingly fallen into a trap. Learn about facial database blacklists.

Gateway Use Cases for Safe Space Investments—Future Proofing the Talk Track

Many buyers are concerned that safe space screening solutions will be a throwaway post-COVID. Cut concerns off at the pass with this 3-point talk track.

September 17, 2020 by Adam Whaley 0 Comments

HIPAA and Data Privacy for Employee Safe Entry

Does screening employees for health symptoms fall under HIPAA? Learn the answer as well as what other data do’s and dont’s here.

Duty of Care

When it comes to covering your company’s risk with safe entry protocols, there’s what you should do and what you could do. Learn what matters most here.

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