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Why “Show Me the Demo” Is Your Most Crucial Safe Space Request

Every safe space solution is competing for a top position. How do you know the difference between their pitch and their reality? A live demo.

Why “Show Me the Demo” Is Your Most Crucial Safe Space Request

A stop light with all three lights turned on...do you stop, slow down or proceed?

Health Screening technologies have entered the market like a fast-moving locomotive, and the options are now prolific. Like any emerging category experiencing high demand, the race is on to achieve a prime position. With that comes the age-old moral dillemma of ‘chicken or the egg’ regarding product features promised, and those still in the development roadmap—and which ones to actively sell when pitching.
Any seasoned product person will tell you that this is normal, as investing time and resources into development is risky until the features are proven to be a strong draw. Many will say that promises made before prime time are part of the validation process, and the risks can be managed. The challenge with this theory as it pertains to the safe space category is that this isn’t a ‘normal’ risk.
People’s health is on the line, the products we’re selling are meant to protect business risks now and the investment decisions are intimidating for buyers—for good reason. All businesses are grappling with what they have a duty to do, and if these kinds of investments are even necessary. It’s critical for them to be able to trust in the products and services being served up to them so that they can choose wisely and mitigate their risk.
Resellers, integrators, distributors and everyone in between are all dealing with this. When a product is put in front of them, they are putting their own reputation on the line to recommend it to the customers that trust them. They need to count on the product pitch in front of them, but when there’s gobs of revenue and a short window of opportunity on the table, some self-justified sales ‘embellishment’ is going to creep in.

Why “Show me the Demo” Will Be Your Saving Grace

Nothing says “show me the money” more than a live demo. So when Joe Schmo is delivering a riveting narrative on a new solution via presentation deck or video, simply say, “Looks great, Joe. Let’s get into your live demo now … take me through a test drive.” If he gulps or back pedals, pause and start asking pointed questions.
Look, it’s normal for people to put the feature cart in front of the horse, but it’s important to share which capabilities are on the road ahead versus the ones available now—and the true timeline for making things real. We’ve already seen countless companies selling products before they’re ready for fulfillment, so that’s not the issue. The issue is transparency and a partner or end user buying into something that ends up being vaporware, in which case the seller is left holding the bag. That hurts our industry, it hurts business customers and it hurts the people that they trust to keep them safe in their care.
Do the right thing and demand a demo—lives may very well depend on it.

InReality’s Learning Center is committed to sharing important guidance to help the industry navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving Safe Space landscape. The information shared is informed by experience working with many constituents and stakeholders. If you have a topic you would like addressed, please submit it to Laura Davis-Taylor at ldt@inreality.com for consideration.

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Comparing Temperature Sensors

Temperatures sensors may look alike, but don’t be fooled. It’s what’s behind the curtain that matters most. Learn what to look for.

Creative Realities Unveils Contactless, AI-Enabled Temperature Detection Solution

We are delighted to be part of the solving the “getting back to business” challenge with our US partner, Creative Realities and the power of our InReality platform. Want to know how our Thermal Mirror stands apart from the off-the-shelf solutions? Contact CRI here! (http://www.cri.com)


Date: May 12, 2020
Source Articles: AV Network

The What: Creative Realities announced the launch of an AI-integrated, contactless temperature inspection station. The ThermalMirror is a turnkey, plug-and-play solution that addresses the urgent need for businesses and employers to build consumer and employee confidence as the world goes back to work as stay-at-home orders are reduced or relieved throughout the United States. It is available immediately.

The What Else: Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “Due to COVID-19, every single vertical we serve is facing the challenge of how to mitigate fears of safely visiting and returning to work, irrespective of industry. Our core business is built around technologies that inspire better customer experiences, and this is the most critical barrier brands and businesses are facing today.”

“We felt an obligation to assist in addressing this concern, and we believe that the ThermalMirror is an ideal solution,” Mills continues. “We’re able to put our digital integration experience to work, to wrap the software interface with a customized experience designed for virtually every commercial use case. Moreover, we can capture analytics that help our clients meet their operational, compliance and HR requirements.”

The ThermalMirror leverages thermal technology, which captures infrared radiation from objects and creates an electronic image and results based on temperature differences. Thermal cameras have been used before, but have been cost prohibitive to significantly scale up their use. By integrating the technology with an AI-enabled software platform powered by our partners, InReality, important functionality like response customization, analytics, networking and synchronizing of ThermalMirrors, anomaly alerts and compliance logs for legal audit trails become available, making them more practical for large-scale use.

“CRI and InReality are technology companies, but this challenge starts with human psychology. The fact is, we don’t have all the facts. When perception is reality, this is one thing we can do now. It’s important that we’re sensitive-we don’t know how people and employees will respond to each new circumstance that comes about as a result of COVID-19,” comments Laura Davis-Taylor, InReality Chief Strategy Officer. “We see our responsibility as creating the most effective interaction design possible while working to meet compliance requirements. The partnership with CRI allows us to design, develop and deliver a rapid solution at the speed and scale the marketplace requires at this very vulnerable time in our lives.”

The Bottom Line: What makes the ThermalMirror a safe space solution is the artificial intelligence and full analytics capabilities behind it. Combined with the ability for to data integrate with other cloud-based systems, as well as networking, this becomes an enterprise level solution that elevates its position in the marketplace.

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