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Digital Signage Day of LAVNCH WEEK 2.0: ‘Gotchas,’ Watch-outs and Getting Safely Through the Doors

https://www.ravepubs.com/digital-signage-day-of-lavnch-week-2-0-gotchas-watch-outs-and-getting-safely-through-the-doorsSign in to access LDT’s keynote for Digital Signage Day during LAVNCH week, and learn more about our Safe Space journey, our key learnings and how we are helping partners get ahead with Safe Space Solutions with our advanced software platform.



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Laura Davis-Taylor Answers 5 Questions in Preparation for LAVNCH WEEK 2.0

Laura Davis-Taylor is the chief strategy officer for InReality, LLC, and she will be giving the keynote during Digital Signage Day of LAVNCH WEEK 2.0. Although we had a DS Day during our first LAVNCH WEEK, I knew we were really focusing on bringing in fresh content, so I was curious to hear about how Laura was going to help us accomplish that goal. Laura helped me home in on some psychological and philosophical theories that I wouldn’t have thought had anything to do with AV! Boy, was I wrong.

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