Store Optimization

Per category, merchandiser, or other point of interest,  what factors are impacting sales per square foot?
Is the store layout driving ideal basket—including cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?
Is there an over-signage problem, or could promotions be more effective?
How often are store associates unavailable or do shoppers find their interactions ineffective?

Drive More Sales from Less Store Traffic

As retail traffic continues to decline, you need to optimize revenue on every shopper visit. To do that, you need to know more than people counts and POS data. In real-time, isolate issues and best practices down to a specific store, category, merchandiser or other area of interest to constantly optimize every square foot of your brick-and-mortar stores. Uncover insights like:

  • What pre-purchase behaviors do target shoppers exhibit?
  • How is store associate availability and interactions affecting purchasing?
  • What is the optimal level of promotions needed across varying shopper personas?
  • How can category or store footprints be reduced, while growing revenue?
  • What messages or promotions drive a Baby Boomer versus a Millennial to purchase?

Align Stores with Ever-Shifting Shopper Interest & Behavior

Shopper labs and research are costly and static, but shopper behavior is an ever-moving target. To keep up, you must be able to quickly react to shopper preferences as they develop to:

  • Meet the interests of varying shopper demographics per store/category
  • Uncover store layout and merchandising opportunities in real-time for higher engagement
  • Curate a constantly rotating selection of brands and products that match evolving shopper interest
  • Identify optimal placement of merchandisers and displays to maximize up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Meet shoppers’ expectations for smarter, more tailored experiences like they get online

Identify & Tailor Promotion Levels to Maximize Basket

Do you know how to attract Millennials versus a Baby Boomers in-store? As loyalty and advertising effectiveness continue to lose their potency, you must overcome ineffective, over-signage challenges and establish the right promotion mix to:

  • Dynamically deliver relevant promotions while shoppers are engaged—not after the fact
  • Tailor your messages based on shopper persona, product interaction, proximity, gender/age, dwell time, and more
  • See how placement of signage to influences behavior
  • Understand the correct level and type of signage to influence shopper conversion & basket

Alert Store Associates in Real-Time & Maximize their Effectiveness

Interaction with friendly, knowledgeable staff is one of the key advantages of an in-store retail experience. But, you know store associates aren’t meeting the needs of today’s shoppers. Already 50% of shoppers feel feel they know more about products they’re interested in than store employees. Arm your staff so they can provide shoppers with a more tailored experience:

  • Alert associates to provide shopper assistance in real-time based on behavior and product interest
  • Provide associates with insights on a shopper’s browsing along to better tailor the experience
  • Automatically alert staff to a particular unattended shopper or uncovered high-traffic area in real-time
  • Identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year to optimize workforce planning

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