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Do you really understand customer shopping behavior? Is it becoming an increasing challenge to understand, attract and influence your customers, particularly inside brick-and-mortar?



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Take Back Control with Mobile Research

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  • Track your customers’ entire path to purchase–across online, mobile, stores and the combination thereof
  • Unlock customer behavioral & emotional drivers–learn what influences purchases beyond demographics
  • Optimize your store footprint with key insights into which touch points and zones are most effective in influencing customer purchasing
  • Understand customer perceptions of your brand versus your top competitors
  • Understand customer painpoints with your shopping experience
  • Test messaging

How it Works: 4 Steps


First, with your guidance we select a sample size of your customers, a few of you top competitors, and some store locations to target.

(To eliminate bias, shoppers are never told which company is the client.)

Mobile Ethnography

Using our proprietary app, we get in front of participants while they are in the moment, and allow them to capture their entire path to purchase from start to finish with text, audio, photos and video recordings.

Online Focus Groups

We compare shopper experiences and dig deeper by asking probing questions through short video interviews to quickly uncover customer motivations and influencers.

(This approach is not only flexible and convenient, but it also eliminates the bias of in-person groups, since participants have to answer before seeing other responses.)


We carefully analyze and interpret all shopper data and create a highly visual report, which we send along with access to every detail, photo and video from the study. Additionally, per your request, we can even translate these insights into in-store solutions built for ROI.

Our new solution has allowed us to take a position as a thought leader and an innovator in our category, and establish a foundation to build this brand differently than all the other brands in our category.
Craig Miles, International Sales & Marketing Mgr, LP Building Products

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