Software and services to reinvent consumer interaction, in real-time, in-venue
—from retail and QSR to healthcare, hospitality and sports & entertainment.

In-Venue Engagement Software


Cloud-based dashboard driven by a real-time analytics and personalization engine

  • Real-time analytics on traffic, demographics and engagement
  • Anonymous mapping of each consumer’s entire journey
  • Trigger-based content delivery, A/B testing and analysis across all connected devices
  • Remote device management and health monitoring
  • Cloud-based dashboard reporting and analysis

Real-Time Consumer
Insights Service


KPI monitoring and recommendations to optimize the consumer journey and drive in-venue sales

  • Monthly report of performance and KPI data
  • Comparative analysis of performance to targets and industry benchmarks
  • Outline of short-, mid- and long-term optimization opportunities
  • Monthly recommendations for agile, cost-effective improvements

Responsive Experience Service


Agile, in-venue experiences that engage and react to consumers in real-time

  • Insights-driven solutions via integrated engagement platform
  • Agile test, learn, adapt framework
  • Integration of both digital and traditional touchpoints
  • ROI validation and actionable monitoring
  • Backed by 21+ years of customer experience strategy, design and execution

Contextual Content Service


Targeted content delivery across devices at the moment consumers engage

  • Content strategy to optimize engagement
  • Advanced, cross-device targeting (trigger content based on date/time, demographics, behaviors, proximity, more)
  • Content A/B testing to ensure best in-venue messaging
  • Content usage analytics with details on what was viewed, by whom

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