When design meets retail, often the result is impractical for the reality of the retail environment or unable to drive desired results, which is only accentuated when the complexity of digital/technology also comes into play. And, while purely aesthetic designs have a place in retail, it’s the combination of attractive designs and purposeful solutions that drive sales and win in retail. You need a team that can give you the best of both worlds and push the bar to create THE solution for your brand—one that is unique, enduring and one that moves cost effectively from design through production without a hitch.

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Digital Design

So here’s the deal… We all know that digital is changing the way consumers shop, pushing for digital integrations in store. But, we’re not looking to plaster the world with digital walls and looping videos that do little to move the needle on sales. “Digital for digital’s sake” is never a good solution. Our goal is always to optimize your consumer’s path to purchase and ensure business objectives. You are looking for a return and we can help you figure out whether or not a digital integration (i.e. kiosk, digital display, mobile integration or fully interactive digital experience) can help you get there. And, if you do decide to go digital, we can help you with everything—from strategy, design and implementation to analytics and remote content management with our managed digital services.

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Touchpoint Design

It’s all about the touchpoints in retail, isn’t it? Where the consumer goes and what they interact with while in the retail environment. We have a universal, inclusive understanding of the in-store design process across all consumer touchpoints. We combine visionary thinking with down-to-earth understanding of what it takes to produce touchpoints in the real world. We are well-versed in the design of environments, objects, and digital elements providing comprehensive consumer experiences. Deep collaboration with client stakeholders and supporting internal experts provides needed interaction. Our clients understand the value we provide by having our designers as part of the process from concept though production and rollout.

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Service Design

We understand that customer experience is more than just the latest buzzword; it is your bottom line. From the analysis of current customer journeys to the creation of new ones, we focus on creating effective and efficient experiences—designing for and with all end users. Through this process you can expect an exponential payback, including company alignment, increased customer loyalty and sales and a more enjoyable, accessible, user-friendly, competitive and relevant experience.