LP Building Products Category Reinvention

How Mobile Path to Purchase Research Drives Results in Big-Box Retail

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Since its early beginnings as a small independent corporation, Louisiana Pacific (LP) Building Products has been meeting the needs of its customers in the new home construction, repair and remodel markets with its value-added, engineered wood building products. But when sales in their EverTrue pre-finished interior moulding line began to fall below expectations, this 50 year-old innovator knew they needed to look forward to address the needs of their customers and stay ahead of the competition.



With EverTrue moulding placement totaling 1,720 Lowe’s locations, LP turned to InReality to develop a cost-effective solution to turn sales around.

Historically, for LP a merchandising update to their moulding line in a big-box retail environment meant simply changing the colors of their finishes. This time the approach was very different. Prior to designing and developing the new concept, InReality used its Mobile Path to Purchase Research to gather experiences, perceptions, motivations and pain points of customers during their path to purchase. And, thanks to InReality’s in-the-moment mobile journaling, LP received a firsthand account of what customers experienced with enhanced with audio, photo and video recordings—giving insights into:

  • Where customers were initially becoming aware of the brand, outside of advertising
  • Where, specifically, customers were starting their journey—online, in store, on mobile, etc.
  • Customer pain points with the brand as they moved through their path to purchase
  • What products/competitors (both traditional & online) customers were considering, and why
  • Which decision points customers were turning to digital tools, especially mobile
  • What captured customers’ attention in-store and out-of-store
  • Which touch points were most important in influencing customer decisions or purchases

This process armed LP with a deeper understanding of the reality gaps between the existing LP in-store customer experience and the actual needs and expectations of their Lowe’s customers. This phase was also the tipping point for the project because it helped define the parameters of the problem and, in turn, the solution as well. The reality was that customers were having difficulty understanding how and why to use the moulding, selecting the right moulding, and more importantly, envisioning the moulding in their homes.

To combat these gaps, InReality’s solution included not only a color refresh this time, but a completely new way to shop for moulding in the big-box retail environment, featuring a two- wall vignette display that showcased various moulding profiles in context—something entirely new to this category.


Ultimately, the new solution provides a new and improved customer experience, which helps consumers envision and select mouldings, as well as a flexible design, which allows LP to easily make changes to the display with shifting market needs. Additionally, the design helps promote LP as a retail thought leader and innovator.

A New Customer Experience


“We gave customers the license to be individuals in a way that had never been done before in this category.” – Craig Miles, International Sales & Marketing Mgr, LP

Two key components of the new solution include the visual inspiration and the simplified consumer decision-making process. The visual inspiration allows consumers to better understand and picture how they can use the mouldings in their homes. The simplified decision-making tree, on the other hand, helps consumers with moulding selection and removes the heavy burden placed on sales associates to assist consumers in this category. Both elements have helped transfer the reins of power back into the hands of consumers and create an entirely new experience for them. Coupled with signage, POP, collateral and wayfinding updates, the new vignette, with its do-it-yourself (DIY) appeal, provides the needed inspiration, education and encouragement for customers to feel comfortable getting started with their next moulding project.

Cost Effective, Faster Updates

“Normally you mean one thing for your client and something else for your end user, in this case we’ve crafted something that gives us the efficiency of spend and a consistency of message through the entire channel to the end user.” – Craig Miles, International Sales & Marketing Mgr, LP

In addition to creating a valuable, new customer experience, the display also offers LP a cost-effective solution to easy updating and staying current with trends. Moreover, the fluid design provides the added benefits of easy implementation, shorter down time and faster updates of the display.

Market Position: Thought Leader and Innovator

“The new solution has allowed us to take a position as a thought leader and an innovator in the category and establish a foundation to build this brand differently than all the other brands in this category.” – Craig Miles, International Sales & Marketing Mgr, LP