Measuring Vending Machine Traffic Conversion

  • How well are you converting your traffic?
  • Privacy friendly people counting solution (no camera or cell phone tracking).
  • Measure how well you’re converting traffic in front of your vending machine.
  • Can be easily added to most existing vending machines and is configured with a mobile app in minutes!

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Top 5 reasons you should add Analytics to your Kiosk

1. Converting Traffic
Simplest way to measure and compare how well you are converting passerby traffic into engagement.
2. Understand Vending Machine Performance & Conversion Rate:
When combined with the Vending Machine’s transaction data, score how well the DESIGN or LOCATION is converting traffic.
3. A/B Testing:
The ability to A/B test changes to vending machine’s digital screen content, machine position, graphics, and product mix relative to the baseline traffic, sales and conversion rate.


4. Marketing Effectiveness:
Measure the impact of marketing campaign effectiveness in driving engagement.
5. Identify when it is time for refresh:
Ongoing monitoring of the Performance Score lets you identify when it is time for a graphic or content update


  • Mobile App managed, Android & IOS
  • Standard Metrics: Traffic, Impressions, Engagement, and Dwell Time
  • Advanced Retail Metrics: Conversion, Sales/Staff, and more
  • Hourly and Daily Breakdown
  • Claim, Name, and Manage any number of sensors
  • Define and view Performance Score
  • Free Support
  • Single user
  • 14 day history
  • Unlimited Locations


  • Adds to Standard full cloud account access
  • Create unlimited metrics
  • Unlimited API access to all data
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Remotely manage all sensor settings
  • POS Transaction data import
  • Staffing schedule import
  • Event Tracker – campaigns and specials
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited days of history

Pro Plus

  • Adds to Pro Live Occupancy Monitoring and reporting
  • HTML Widget for your website or mobile app
  • Local message broker and rules engine
  • CMS applications can subscribe to rules or real-time data to trigger content or messages



Dashboard and KPI Cards available for PC, Tablets, and Mobile devices, data segmented







APIs and BI Tool Integration





All data and computed metrics are available via API and can be retrieved by most Business Intelligence Tools.

Visit for more details.


Includes Radar Sensor
Power Adapter 120-240VAC, 300ma (use when a USB 3.0 port is not available)
3M Command strip for attaching sensor to kiosk
Data Access via inReality Analytics Platform; Dashboard + APIs
Mounting Options 3M Command strip for attaching sensor to kiosk (included)
Overhead mounting kit with wall bracket (option)


Connectivity Networking
802.11 b/g/n WiFi
Power Input Voltage
120-240V AC,

Device Voltage:

USB connection

Power Consumption

3W average
10W peak
Physical Weight
3.9 oz


3.6 in


0.6 in
Environmental Operating Temperature
32F to 100F

Max Humidity

Sensor Technology
mmWave MIMO RF Sensor

Frequency Bands

Antenna Type
Linear Polarized


Object Detection
Algorithms designed to detect human shapes only.

Field of View
140 degrees Azimuth
70 degrees Elevation

Sensor Coverage
up to 15 feet forward
up to 8 feet on sides

Note: coverage may vary based on surrounding fixtures

What you’ll need


Along with power within 5′ of sensor position, this is what you will need:








Mounting the sensor


The sensor can be mounted ON, ABOVE, or NEAR the fixture, device, or area to be monitored.  It must be mounted at a height of 3ft to 10ft from the floor to the center of the device.  Check out our Mounting Tips doc for best practice insight.









Install the inReality Mobile App


The inReality Mobile App is available for both Android and iPhone devices and is used to claim, name, and configure the sensor:









Claim, Name, and Configure


Follow the instructions in the App to get your sensor online and collecting data.











After configuring, you can validate the defined area by using the App’s Live Preview function











You are now collecting important metrics!


Check out our Video Installation Guide for more details



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