Product / Display Optimization

Per retailer/store, is your brand getting the expected number of shoppers from your target segments?
Which types of packaging, placement, and promotions do your target personas respond to most?
How are shoppers engaging with your brand, and are there opportunities to increase engagement?

See Through the Blindspot in Your Retailer Data

From limited or shrinking floor space to constantly shifting shopper interests and hyper-competition, to maintain brick-and-mortar shelf space and grow revenue, you need insights you act on quickly. The limited, time-lagged retailer data you get is no longer enough. Enrich this data with real-time shopper metrics to understand retailer strategy effectiveness:

  • How much traffic do your specific displays and products actually get per retailer/store?
  • How are your target shopper segments interacting with your displays and products?
  • What percentage of your target segment just pass-by and don’t see your brand?
  • How does placement impact sales?

Instantly Tailor the Experience for Your Shopper Personas

It’s less expensive to keep a customer than acquire a new one. But, loyalty is an outcome of good, tailored shopping experiences. To provide these experiences you need to be able to attract the right shoppers and react to them in real-time. You’ll be able to use key purchasing indicators of high value shopper personas to tailor product information, promotions, lighting, sound, and more based on each of the following or any combination thereof:

  • Demographics (age and gender)
  • Level of interest
  • Product interaction
  • Dwell Time
  • Mood
  • More

Become a Strategic Partner

Retailers are looking to grow categories not brands. It is therefore up to you to make sure your displays and products are hitting the mark. You’ll be able to:

  • Measure shopper receptiveness to various packaging and display styles to identify opportunities for higher sales, in real-time
  • See which messages attract attention, but fail to convert per segment
  • Identify why your brand or specific products are underperforming before it affects revenue
  • Help retailers identify specific opportunities to grow category revenue

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