Next-Generation Door Counter Solution for Retail

Retail has changed. Using an outdated door counter won’t help.

Traffic only tells one story: how many.

What about demographics, behavior, in-store journey, product mix, and key purchasing drivers? As retail traffic declines, it’s imperative retailers optimize revenue on every in-store shopper. You need to know more!

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What InReality brings to the table

Move Beyond Basic Traffic Counts

From the moment shoppers enter a store through checkout, there’s a blindspot. Learn more about your shoppers and enrich your POS and loyalty data without manual and costly surveys and shopper labs. Get shopper behavior metrics such as pass-by traffic (glances), dwell and attention time, mood and entrance path analytics by gender and age, in addition to traffic counts and heatmapping.

Drive Revenue with Real-Time Insights

Bring granular, online-like KPIs into brick-and-mortar to immediately isolate issues and best practices down to a specific store, category, brand, or display so you can constantly optimize revenue per square foot. And, access these in-store analytics on-demand, in real-time.

Instantly Personalize the In-Store Experience

Use metrics not only to inform decision-making, but also to create dynamic, highly targeted shopping experiences in-store. End reliance on mobile apps and unwanted alerts to the shopper’s mobile device. React to shoppers in real-time with relevant messaging and promotions on digital signage and displays based on tailorable rules automatically fed by shopper behavior and demographic data.

Optimize Staff Allocation

Truly get the right employee to the right place at the right time. Not only can you identify traffic cycles across the day, week, or year to optimize workforce planning, but you can also alert staff in real-time to direct them to particular areas and provide them with powerful shopper behavior insights—all while the shopper is still engaged.

Completely Anonymized

Collect and leverage the insights you need without issues around shopper privacy. All analytics are collected through IoT sensors that never store or capture identifiable shopper personal data. All sensor data is instantly translated into string IDs at the moment of capture.

Getting Started is Easy

Try a 3-month pilot to see how in-store analytics can work for you, and in as little as a few weeks you’ll be up and running. Plus, thanks to over 20 years developing retail customer experiences, we’ve developed a unique methodology, focused on streamlining your path to results and delivering more than just data—get the insights and specific recommendations you need to drive your store or brand forward.

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