The Most Advanced Enterprise Level Health Safety Screening to Help Protect Businesses

Q&A and temperature screening with a mobile app, alerts and customizable compliance reporting

You need a better solution to help you screen employees and visitors

COVID has left every organization scrambling for a safe way to bring employees and visitors back. It’s a complex problem with little legal precedence, and you don’t have a playbook. Don’t worry. We have helped hundreds of organizations deploy thousands of screening devices to not only help ensure the safety of the people entering, but also log everything to ensure compliance to protect the business, both fiscally and legally.

Introducing the 3-Step Safe Pass

Step 1

Take the screening quiz before arriving

Step 2

Scan temperature at entry

Step 3

Clear to proceed with a Safe Pass

How it Works

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Update Device Settings: Enterprise control of device management to push out updates or policy changes across all devices.

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Manage Employees, Visitors and More: Create unique workflows and entry processes to streamline entry while ensuring compliance; integrate with active directory or access control systems.

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Manage Data Retention Policies: Configure what data to retain and for what lengths of time to ensure government, HR and legal policy compliance.

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Detailed Reports: Automated to run daily or weekly–share with approved recipients or specify a specific time frame and investigate an incident.

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Fast Passes: HR can create a ‘fast pass’ for specific people in one click, making green lighting vaccinated people to skip screening without a HIPPA infringement.

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Configure Alert Notifications: Set approved staff up to receive alerts via text or email, then notify them to assist when someone fails.

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Screening Dashboards: Simple status dashboards HR can access on demand or via alerts, resting easy via one point of control.

Market Applications

Q&A and Temperature Screening is used in nearly every market to help businesses reopen safely.  Here are some examples of how the solution helps.

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