In-Store Shopping Experience

Are you creating memorable experiences that drive loyal shoppers?
Are you dissecting how engagement translates to a purchase or not?
Do you provide tailored experiences without depending on shoppers to download an app?
What is your Net Promoter Score missing?

Create Your Shopping Experience 2.0

Online shopping has created a precedent for more tailored experiences. In-store experiences must follow suit: 

  • Develop and test new concepts in real-time through store-in-store and pop-up models to provide shoppers with the experiences they want
  • Bring a constantly rotating selection of brands and experiences in a scalable and manageable way to match ever-evolving shopper interests
  • Identify your shopper personas and use custom rules to score key purchasing indicators of high value shoppers based on age/gender, engagement, dwell time, and more
  • Instantly identify opportunities to increase revenue per square foot based on layout, traffic flows, messaging, and merchandising

Create Real-World Store Learning Environments

Shopper labs and research are costly, biased, and static. These methods aren’t enough to keep up with constantly evolving shoppers and a changing retail landscape. Instead, create real-world store learning environments to see what’s working and what’s not in real-time:

  • Measure shopping experiences in real-time to identify opportunities for higher sales, in real-time
  • Understand what gets shoppers to take notice, stop and engage
  • See which messages attract attention, but fail to convert per segment
  • Uncover best practices for product demos, digital signage, wayfinding, merchandising, and more

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