What Is In-Store Analytics?


  • Tiny, anonymized video cameras…
  • Placed in just about anything—shelves, displays, etc…
  • Paired with an on-demand dashboard…
  • For real-time visibility in-store…
  • Without data and privacy concerns.


  • In-store performance & comparisons (beyond sales data)…
  • Insight on in-store conversion & sales optimization opportunities…
  • Age/gender counts per region/store/day/hour…
  • In-store investment ROI (including displays/POP)…
  • For continuous insight into ever-changing shopper behavior.

Let’s Do Lunch!

Our in-store analytics lunch n’ learn series lets you and your team get all your questions answered.

Common items we cover…

  • Live in-store analytics demo
  • Real-time metrics available (beyond POS data)
  • Ways to increase in-store conversion
  • Measures for calculating ROI on in-store POP/displays
  • How to bring targeted marketing in-store using analytics


* Signing-up or having a lunch and learn with us ≠ obligation. A sales pitch is not on the menu!

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Why It Matters…

Stores dominate conversion, control the majority of sales and hold the key to omni-measurement.


On average, conversion
rates in-store are 9-12X
higher than conversion
rates online.
of all U.S. sales still happen
in-store—only 9% actually
happen online.

Above-average performers
in using customer data and
analytics outpace competitors
by 2-3x on sales, margins
and profits.

How do you maximize in-store
conversion and sales?