In-Store Analytics & Insights

Real-Time Analytics

Capture shopper personas with demographics and behavior scoring, just like online

Correlated Data and Insights

Identify opportunities through correlated data and behaviors to generate greater ROI

Dashboards and Rules Editor

Leverage dashboards and rules editor to create an in-depth analysis and segmentation of shopper personas and behavior

Retail In-Store Analytics Go Beyond People Counters

From the moment shoppers enter the store to the moment they check out, there is a blindspot. By bringing the concept of online cookies in-store, retailers and brands instantly capture rich, shopper metrics and demographics, including:

  • Audience (# of shoppers that pass by)
  • Awareness (# of shoppers that stop)
  • Engagement
  • Dwell Time
  • Heatmapping
  • Attention Time
  • Product Interaction
  • Gender Counts
  • Age Bracket Counts
  • Mood

Actionable Insights Through Correlated Data and Behavior

The last thing you need is more data you can’t use. Get the real-time insight you need to uncover specific revenue-generating opportunities like:

  • What messages or promotions attract a Baby Boomer versus a Millennial to purchase?
  • Do loyal shoppers have different behaviors than non-loyalty card holders?
  • What pre-purchase behaviors do target shoppers exhibit?
  • How can category or store footprints be reduced, while growing revenue?
  • Is it the location or the product assortment that’s affecting category sales per square foot?
  • Of total traffic, how many targeted personas are visiting a specific area of interest?
  • Per category or brand, what is the interest level of shoppers and what products are they considering?
  • What’s the optimal level of promotions needed across varying shopper personas?
  • How is store associate availability and interactions affecting purchasing?

All with Shopper Privacy in Mind

Completely Anonymized

No video or images are ever recorded. Advanced computer vision techniques provide non-identifiable and non-visual data.

No Shopper Data Stored

All data collected is considered non-personally identifiable information and cannot be linked to a specific shopper.

No Privacy Concerns

InReality’s in-store analytics does not rely on invasive mobile tracking techniques that run off of the shopper’s personal device.

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