We are a SaaS-based software, not a sensor with a dashboard. We ingest data from many types of IoT sensors, plus other data such as weather, POS sales, CMS proof-of-play and more. We then integrate it together to present you key metrics, KPIs and predictive or triggering capabilities. We are not a business intelligence tool, but work well with them.
We started 9 years ago as a company called Cenique and were laser focused on camera-based analytics. Over the years--and many iterations later--we realized that many uses cases required multiple or specific IoT-based sensors due to KPI, legal or situational requirements. We pivoted, and now work with pretty much all of them, both established and emerging. 
We take privacy very seriously. We strictly adhere to GDPR, CCPA and all other global privacy best practices with all sensors that we use. When using computer vision, no images are stored and no PII is captured or manipulated. Our CSO is an executive board member of the Digital Signage Federation and part of a cross-association advocacy group to stay on top of the topic, while also establishing best practices. Working with us, we will help you navigate the potential landmines safely.
Last year, we made the decision to no longer sell direct and sell through channel partners. We have many, and are cultivating our ecosystem daily. Please get in touch with us if you're interested in becoming one. If you're an end user, we would be happy help match you with the partner best suited to your needs.