Community Outreach Projects

Purifying Peru’s Drinking Water

Team Member(s) Involved: Gary Lee
Cause: Leave a Trace Foundation

Access to clean drinking water is a luxury in many parts of the world, including many communities in Peru. So at least once a year Gary Lee, our CEO, takes a trip to Peru to help implement clean drinking water solutions to those severely in need through his family foundation—Leave a Trace. The water in the villages they visit is often riddled with E-Coli and other bacteria, which makes everyone chronically and often severely ill.

This year Gary and his family partnered with Delta Airlines to install a clever salt-water chlorination system in an incredibly poor area just outside of Lima. The system will ensure clean drinking water is continuously available to serve a small portion of this huge area—more work to be done there. This project in Peru is just one of many clean water projects undertaken by Gary and his family’s Leave a Trace Foundation.