Community Outreach Projects

Inspiring Young Designers with IDSA

Team Member(s) Involved: Chris Livaudais
Cause: Atlanta Design Outreach Program

Chris Livaudais, our Senior Designer, is a chair of the IDSA’s Atlanta Chapter. In 2010, the the chapter initiated the Atlanta Design Outreach Program with the goal of introducing high school students to the design process through sponsored design challenges. The nationally recognized program links critical thinking and design processes within a 2-1/2 week school curriculum, while creating invaluable connections between students and their team leaders – our community of design professionals. For high school students, the program offers a truly unique opportunity to discover new talents, learn new skills, and gain an understanding of the profession of industrial design. In this year’s challenge, each team is hard at work designing a new product experience based on a simple bluetooth speaker system. The project is working with the Henry W. Grady and Frederick Douglas high schools.

At InReality, we are passionate about design and empowering young minds to develop their creative confidence. This year, we have committed a small grant to each team as well as some of our design and collaboration tools to help the students create great designs. We are happy to part of such a great event and are looking forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks.