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Back to Business: How Digital Signage Can Play a Role in Getting Business Going After COVID

Listen in on this DSF that digs into how digital signage and AV plays into the Back-to-Business challenge. Our CSO LDT weighs in.


Back to Business: How Digital Signage Can Play a Role in Getting Business Going After COVID



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BrainTrust LIVE: Marketing Analytics for a New COVID-19 Reality

Our heritage is venue analytics, but we aren’t the data strategy experts–but these guys are. Our CSO hosts a riveting 30-minute session to discuss how COVID has radically disrupted the status quo of marketing analytics–and what to do about it.

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RetailWire Retailers focus on making safe spaces for customers and associates

What should customers and associates expect from retailers to consider their stores safe to be in? That’s the question LDT poses in this RetailWire Braintrust. We had our views from the trenches, but the responses made us think about even more considerations. Read them here. 

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System Contractor News Anxiety and Antidote: How to Balance Technology and Design in a Post-Pandemic World

As they say, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. But sometimes it works best when you’re also rowing together! Our CSO  joined (4) other industry experts to build a ‘from the trenches’ perspective on how retailers should address getting stores back to business. Honing in on a multi-prong approach, it also addresses how tech and data fits in.

View here.

LDT joins The Design, Culture & Experience Show to discuss reopening strategies.

Our CSO LDT has  teamed up to write an article around the balance of technology and design for physical spaces post covid. The article is in the June edition of SCN Magazine (to be released next week), and the team decided to gather to chat about what they learned by coming together to form their ‘from the trenches’, cross-pollinated POV. Tune in here!

InReality Unveils Safe Space Solutions

InReality announced on Thursday a new suite of Safe Space Solutions powered by their integration and analytics platform

Date: May 12, 2020
Source Articles: Chain Drug Review (

ATLANTA — InReality announced on Thursday a new suite of Safe Space Solutions powered by their integration and analytics platform. The Thermal Mirror, an enterprise-focused turnkey fever scanning solution, displays almost immediate temperature results, either anonymously for visitors or via facial recognition for employees. The Occupancy Monitor automates in-venue traffic counts in real-time sensed via mobile devices and/or camera-based technology options.

What sets these products apart from other options is the integration of the InReality software platform. InReality has transformed off-the-shelf post-COVID technologies into “smart” solutions for managing in-venue health concerns, but with enterprise level features that make sense for business management.

“We’ve spent almost a decade focused on evolving and supporting our venue analytics platform,” said Ron Levac, InReality co-founder and CEO. “It solves how to correlate disparate IoT sensors and external data points into simple metrics and KPIs, then uses the information for predictive and responsive purposes. When COVID-19 hit, we looked around and found no readily-available solutions with features necessary for Enterprise-wide deployment and management, nor did they appear flexible to support yet unknown Legal, IT and HR requirements. We saw the potential of our platform to turn on these kinds of advanced features, and more. We’re engineers and inventors at heart, and the need was obvious. So, we got to work.”

For each of the Safe Space products InReality offers, businesses can easily customize and configure metrics and KPI reports. The system allows for flexibility and customization to support CX, process compliance and reporting needs. Data management can be planned to meet IT and legal requirements, and installation points can be remotely managed and updated–all from one simple platform. This is in contrast to most of the standalone quick fix solutions in the market today.

“We’re a tech company, but this challenge starts with human psychology,” said Laura Davis-Taylor, chief strategy officer, InReality. “The fact is that we don’t have all the facts. Early indicators are clear that we may be entering a new norm, and at the heart of the matter is trust. People want to feel that companies are anticipating their concerns. When perception is reality–as is the case now–putting measures like these in place now is really important. With our platform, they will have the flexibility to manage the human side of these new safety monitors, but also the (likely changing) business process, operational and legal requirements.”

An additional use case currently in the works for the Safe Space suite of solutions is the InReality Pandemic Resiliency Temperature Monitoring Initiative. By aggregating all of the temperature results anonymously, from retail locations, restaurants, and places of work, InReality will providesummary snapshots of trends via real time API’s to government and health officials to track and flag flare ups and anomalies as they occur. The data will include the number of tests (by day) and the results distribution. Provided at no charge to both site owners and approved officials, it will leverage the InReality platform capabilities to learn what a normal pattern is, then highlightanomalies, serving as an extra layer of insight to identify ‘hot spots’ for taking immediate, proactive action.

“Every day, we’re seeing more emerging solutions that are helping to solve the post COVID realities businesses now face,” said co-founder and CTO Shylesh Karuvath. “When our platform gets behind them, they’re ready for business and immediately deployable. However, having been in the trenches with the Thermal Mirror early, we’ve seen further ‘Safe Space’ use cases emerge. Our development team is working hard on more products to add to our arsenal—stay tuned for new announcements.”

InReality Safe Space Solutions are sold, deployed and supported in the United States exclusively through Creative Realities, with additional global channel partners also under development. More information can be found at or States Creative Realities CEO Rick Mills, “We’re very pleased to put our digital signage know-how to use to offer our clients a platform that will make a substantial difference in their return to on-site operation. This solution will play in indispensable role in helping companies take care of their most valuable assets: their employees, guests, and customers.”

Open sign in the retail store. Bali island.
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The Design, Culture, & Experience Show [Episode 019] Reopening Strategies

How do retailers re-open when guidelines are squarely on them? Listen in on this podcast discussing the strategies with our CSO and a small league of cross-functional experts/

View here.

The Partnering Group and InReality Launch Retail Analytics Solution

Industry leaders link simple retail store metrics & sensor technologies to your business goals. Read about it here

Creative Realities Unveils Contactless, AI-Enabled Temperature Detection Solution

We are delighted to be part of the solving the “getting back to business” challenge with our US partner, Creative Realities and the power of our InReality platform. Want to know how our Thermal Mirror stands apart from the off-the-shelf solutions? Contact CRI here! (

Date: May 12, 2020
Source Articles: AV Network

The What: Creative Realities announced the launch of an AI-integrated, contactless temperature inspection station. The ThermalMirror is a turnkey, plug-and-play solution that addresses the urgent need for businesses and employers to build consumer and employee confidence as the world goes back to work as stay-at-home orders are reduced or relieved throughout the United States. It is available immediately.

The What Else: Rick Mills, Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “Due to COVID-19, every single vertical we serve is facing the challenge of how to mitigate fears of safely visiting and returning to work, irrespective of industry. Our core business is built around technologies that inspire better customer experiences, and this is the most critical barrier brands and businesses are facing today.”

“We felt an obligation to assist in addressing this concern, and we believe that the ThermalMirror is an ideal solution,” Mills continues. “We’re able to put our digital integration experience to work, to wrap the software interface with a customized experience designed for virtually every commercial use case. Moreover, we can capture analytics that help our clients meet their operational, compliance and HR requirements.”

The ThermalMirror leverages thermal technology, which captures infrared radiation from objects and creates an electronic image and results based on temperature differences. Thermal cameras have been used before, but have been cost prohibitive to significantly scale up their use. By integrating the technology with an AI-enabled software platform powered by our partners, InReality, important functionality like response customization, analytics, networking and synchronizing of ThermalMirrors, anomaly alerts and compliance logs for legal audit trails become available, making them more practical for large-scale use.

“CRI and InReality are technology companies, but this challenge starts with human psychology. The fact is, we don’t have all the facts. When perception is reality, this is one thing we can do now. It’s important that we’re sensitive-we don’t know how people and employees will respond to each new circumstance that comes about as a result of COVID-19,” comments Laura Davis-Taylor, InReality Chief Strategy Officer. “We see our responsibility as creating the most effective interaction design possible while working to meet compliance requirements. The partnership with CRI allows us to design, develop and deliver a rapid solution at the speed and scale the marketplace requires at this very vulnerable time in our lives.”

The Bottom Line: What makes the ThermalMirror a safe space solution is the artificial intelligence and full analytics capabilities behind it. Combined with the ability for to data integrate with other cloud-based systems, as well as networking, this becomes an enterprise level solution that elevates its position in the marketplace.

ACE (Advocacy for Connected Experiences) Privacy and Post Pandemic Realities: A Cross Pollinated Association Conversation

We were thinking privacy and the pandemic from the second it hit. Then we went out and lived the realities. We share our views along with with key industry leaders in this free webinar.

View here.

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