Introducing InReality

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Jan 18 2013, Posted by InReality

Why would we change our name? Why now? Why InReality? And are we leaving retail behind?

Seventeen years is a long time in today’s fast-changing, unpredictable world. So what changed? We are still delivering information to customers in retail environments, but that’s only part of the equation. And the equation is becoming increasingly complex and interrelated. Engaging customers in the retail environment to help them make good decisions is still a core competence. However, because today’s consumers are empowered and informed like never before, there is an unprecedented focus on the customer experience by all business functions. As a result, we found ourselves helping clients with an ever-widening set of problems, an ever-growing group of stakeholders. These stakeholder groups expanded from just retail design and merchandising, to brand, marketing, sales, user experience, product development, operations, and increasingly, business strategy.

Needless to say that the question of what our brand means is always on our minds. But the changes in the scope and nature of our work over the years surfaced this question even more. Quite frankly, we even heard some of our client stakeholders get a little confused about what Info Retail meant. “I thought you were a data mining company. Do you only focus on retail? Are you are research company?” they’d sometimes say prior to engaging with us. Eventually we came to a realization that we needed a new identity; one that leverages our past strengths and propels us into the future. The future of InReality!

InReality is a unique company. Some companies are great at strategy. Others specialize in designing beautiful things. Still others are good at building things in the field. We strive to combine the best of all worlds: all under one roof, one team, one vision. We use our inter-disciplinary skills to guide clients in building a customer experience strategy. Our design team applies their creative talents to the challenge. Our project and solutions management team brings it into reality. All disciplines work together with a common sense of responsibility to create a solution for the real world.

We’re excited about how the world of customer experience and commerce is evolving. Customers are truly empowered to find and buy exactly what they want and need. Brands have to be more responsible, think more creatively and execute more responsively. When brands can deliver in this new age of transparency, speed and technology, the foundation for a loyal and profitable customer relationship can be stronger than ever before. It’s hard work, but the rewards are profound. We warmly welcome your thoughts and conversation, and we will be sharing more of our thoughts on this in the near future.

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