InReality Team Members Speak at ServDes 2014

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Apr 23 2014, Posted by Kristin Harripaul

ServDes 2014, the leading Service Design and Innovation conference, is the premier research conference for exchanging knowledge within Service Design and service innovation studies. Born as a yearly Nordic conference, ServDes has now become a bi-annual international event. This year’s conference was held at Lancaster University in Lancaster, UK and InReality’s Chris Livaudais and Sandjar Kozubaev were thrilled to contribute to the three-day event by facilitating an interactive workshop entitled “Future Worlding for Service Design”.

Futures Studies (also known as Foresight) is an emerging discipline that aims to help organizations put mechanisms in place that consider the implications of a new offering in a wider context (social, economic, political), since an oversight in these areas may limit our ability to make a significant impact on how we design and create our collective future.

Consequently, the workshop led by Chris and Sandjar was designed to demonstrate how Futures Studies can help Service Design and Customer Experience practitioners (i) imagine possible future worlds, (ii) create services in the contexts of those worlds, and (iii) understand systemic implications based on the interaction of the service and the future world. Through the workshop, participants got to explore what it is to ‘know’ a future, i.e. simply read about it, versus ‘feeling’ a future, i.e. acting it out and empathizing with the people within it. In this way participants experienced how creating services within ‘worlds’ vastly different from our own current reality could provide an unlikely source of awareness, inspiration, and creative spark.

The outcome of “Future Worlding for Service Design” was a deeper understanding of how to deal with the uncertainty and multiplicity of the future by mixing the tools of Futures Studies and Service Design. Even though your next project might seem as though it is too far away to see the end, it is possible to envision and plan for the implications of your new service offering… and also have a lot of fun in doing so!

Check back soon for our upcoming blog, where Chris will reveal some key takeaways from ServDes 2014.

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