InReality Speaks at GlobalShop 2013

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Apr 23 2013, Posted by InReality

This past week, SVP Design and principal Florian Vollmer presented to a global audience of designers and shopper marketing experts at GlobalShop 2013.

His presentation on “Trends of the Connected Consumer” was given to packed audience, and focused on the following notion:

A customer’s journey to a purchasing decision is made up of the ever-changing context of customer experiences in this connected world. There is an evolution going on, from the connected consumer to the connected human. Consumers are expecting amazing, real-time experiences and information at every single touch point.

The talk analyzed the meta-trends that define our interactions with the outside world and their relevance for customer experience professionals and discussed the dramatic shift from selling products to offering services, and how rethinking experiences from a user’s perspective results in sound purchasing decisions and long-term brand loyalty.

The actual presentation is below:

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