Danze Smart Shelf

How do you fit an entire product line into six linear feet of wall space? InReality created this
award-winning, interactive experience for Danze, which seamlessly blends real-world product interaction with an intuitive digital interface. The key feature that combines these two elements is the use of RFID tags on acrylic display pods and an RFID reader in what we call a ‘Smart Shelf’. To trigger interactive on-screen content specific to a particular fixture, shoppers need only move a pod from the wall and place it on the Smart Shelf (just under the touchscreen monitor), which provides access to detailed product information quickly and easily through simple swipe and touch gestures. The display is designed to exude brand presence and personality, while providing an entirely new type of experience for shoppers and design specifiers in the plumbing showroom industry. The Smart Shelf is a first of its kind in the plumbing showroom industry.