Solutions Management


Following a successful design and strategy phase, there is one more hurdle that can make or break your in-store sales success—bringing a brilliant design to life in retail and making sure it performs as intended in the reality of retail. For piece of mind during this very tedious process, you need an experienced team that can safeguard your investment, give you quality and speed to market and manage all the details so you can actually get some sleep at night.

How Can Our Solutions Management Services Help You?   3 Ways…


Production Image


After a successful prototype phase with our design team, we don’t just walk away and leave you to pick up the pieces. Our dedicated project management team can take care of the juggling act for you—managing budget, scope, timeline, multiple vendors, product fabrication, quality control and even installation guide creation for an easy installation later. And, to ensure that you get the most out of your investment, we’ve built value engineering into our process.


We understand that your bottom line depends on getting that new solution to the right place quickly and efficiently. After production is complete, our team also takes care of all the details to get your program in-store on time—handling everything from inventory management and warehousing to packing, logistics and shipping.

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As you move into final field implementation, we know optimization and performance are critical to your in-store success—this is where our specially trained installation team can help. And, to ensure the ongoing success, quality, and effectiveness of our solution, we provide remote and field servicing and support after installation. Our goal is not only to create an amazing in-store experience for your brand, but to keep it fresh, operating at peak performance and continuously meeting objectives. As business issues change or as new technologies become available, we work with you to make sure we are always maximizing your in-store presence.