Let’s Disrupt Retail Together

Over the last few years, disruptive factors have drastically changed the ‘what, why, when, where
and how’ of consumer purchasing.


Change was always a part of retail’s history…
But now the pace of change has accelerated dramatically.
And, brick-and-mortar retail has failed to keep up.



How Some Brands Have Turned Disruption into Opportunity:




  • Creating an innovative display solution that would help them break into Ferguson—the nation’s largest wholesale plumbing products distributor
  • Breaking out of the marketing “sea of sameness” & bringing the brand to life on the sales floor
  • Differentiating the brand from fierce competition after the housing market crash

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LP Building Products


  • Turning around a poor-performing product in 1,700+ Lowe’s locations
  • Communicating to consumers how a traditional product could be used in innovative ways
  • Developing a cost-effective & feasible solution quickly

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  • Regaining control of how consumers were experiencing their brand in store
  • Showcasing Tempur-Pedic products as a complete sleep system
  • Creating a relaxed and relatively private setting to allow consumers to feel comfortable testing mattress and sleep accessory products

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