Is Omnichannel Dead?

See How Marketers Can Evolve Omnichannel Tactics for Today's Complex Retail Environment

Online? In Store? Mobile? Your customers are everywhere—trying to engage with your band, expecting an immediate response. And now, some of their shopping behaviors are starting to shake up your omnichannel strategy…
Through this on-demand webinar you’ll learn:

  • What is omnichannel really
  • 3 consumer trends shaking things up for omnichannel strategies
  • Whether omnichannel is still an effective strategy in retail today
  • Examples of evolving strategies retail leaders are using to capture today’s consumers


Gary Lee, InRealityGary Lee is presently CEO & President of InReality, where his team helps clients like The Coca-Cola Company, Philips and The Home Depot increase customer engagement through hyper-relevant customer experiences. He is a serial entrepreneur and executive with almost 30 years in marketing and sales, successfully leading both established corporations and global startups. Prior to InReality, Gary worked for companies such as Nortel, Sprint and General DataComm, working directly with clients such Apple and Airwatch.


Jessica Stephens, SmartFocusJessica Stephens is CMO of SmartFocus, where she has been responsible for bringing SmartFocus’ brand to life and telling their unique story globally. Prior to joining SmartFocus, Jess was the Founder and Director at TagPoints and held senior leadership roles at MoneySupermarket Local Deals, Local Daily Deals and Filofax. With an unashamedly enthusiastic approach to data, Jess knows all about the huge impact disruptive technology has in bringing brands closer to their consumers.