The Marketer’s Guide to Capitalizing on Retail Disruption

3 Must-Have Strategies for Making Omnichannel Work in a Disruptive World


What’s in the eBook?

Disruptive factors are drastically changing retail. Online retail is growing at almost 3x the speed of brick-and-mortar retail, and iconic brands are losing relevance among consumers. What’s more, your consumers can now browse and buy from storefronts anywhere in the world 24/7. And, most of them are now using mobile in store.

This guide will teach you 3 strategies to turn disruption into opportunity, and ultimately thrive in 21st century retail.
You’ll Learn:

  • Why omnichannel strategies often fail
  • How to grab the attention of today’s consumers & influence their in store behavior
  • How to optimize your consumer’s journey to drive sales
  • How to rethink the role of sales & the sales associate to maximize ROI
  • How to make the physical store REALLY work for your brand