The Real Reason Our Company is On the Inc. 5000 this Morning

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Aug 12 2015, Posted by Gary Lee

This morning our 20-year young company achieved another milestone by being named for the third time to the Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held U.S. companies.

This award is always given based on percentages and numbers. The criteria looks at revenue growth over a 3-year time period, and simply compares growth of one company to another to select the top 5000. The selection is simple math that most middle-school students could do.

Some companies achieve their growth and make this list through luck, market timing or that wonderful thing called “going viral” where Oprah or some other major Influencer declares the company flavor of the week/month/year and causes those companies to scramble to increase server space, manufacturing capacity and support a flood of new customers.

Our growth over 20 years has been different. It’s been steady, tenacious, “fight for every customer and every project” kind of growth.  It’s been hard and sometimes it’s been messy. And therein lies the story and secret behind our being on the Inc 5k list for the third time: Our people.

It’s somewhat cliche to say “our people are our most important asset.” And so here at InReality I won’t, because people are our ONLY asset given how each and every project we do is custom/bespoke and requires a thorough understanding of clients’ business goals and challenges, and a deep desire to design and produce great work for our clients. Because our people pour their heart and soul into our clients and their brands’ needs, we move forward steadily each quarter and year, and proudly accept when luminary publications such as Inc. take time to run the numbers and say “hey, you did great”.

But even if Inc did not, I will. Because I am proud of each and every one of the team at InReality who make this a great company. You here at InReality are the ones:

  • who will drive all weekend with no permission from anyone to deliver part of an order that a customer absolutely must have by Monday morning.
  • who shift flights to red-eyes because their work for a client is not done, and you will not leave until it is.
  • who are passionate about great design brought to life for our clients’ brands — sometimes on insane deadlines.
  • who will constantly innovate, design and redesign until the client is happy and deadlines and budgets are met.
  • who will work tirelessly in our fulfillment warehouse to ensure that the x-thousandth location has the client’s  brand deliverables on-time.
  • who will provide tech support for digital installations long after everyone else has gone.

To all of the team at InReality, take a moment and do a victory lap, happy dance or just sit back and smile. We made it again this year to this powerful list. And it is solely because of each and every single one of you, and what you do each day with, and for, each other and our clients.

You are the ones behind the simple math that led us to being on this highly-desirable list for the third time.

Well done.


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