The Complexity of Today’s Customers’ Experiences Requires “Experience Integration”

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Jan 18 2013, Posted by Florian Vollmer

The complexity of how people go about deciding what products and services to buy, how to shop, how to buy, and even the after sale and ownership experience, has grown exponentially in recent years. There are so many more ways consumers can get information about products today than even just a few years ago, and so many more ways to buy. This has been largely driven by the proliferation of digital technologies like smart phones and tablets and online shopping sites.

The challenge of trying to create a meaningful level of consistency, a measure of control, is daunting for companies and brands across virtually every product and service category today. Brands and retailers have, perhaps reluctantly, begun to embrace multi-channel as the new way of business.

Because of the ease of access to information and Internet commerce, consumers’ expectations for the best deal, the best selection, the best value, and the best experience also continue an upward spiral.

It is critical for brands to deeply understand customer experiences during the shopping journey, during purchase, and ultimately during ownership. Leading brands design for meaningful service experiences and effectively integrate the customer experience across all touch points. And they design their organizations entirely around the delivery of exceptional experiences.

Gaining a deep understanding of customers and their motivations; strategic planning to design for the customer experience; alignment of internal resources and teams on the customer experience strategy; and execution and delivery of the customer experience strategy in the field and across the entire organization – all of this is easier said than done. With so many moving pieces and parts, it’s not surprising that bringing all of these elements together – integrating them – to create seamless, engaging, relevant and meaningful customer experiences, is a skill that few companies have truly mastered. But the value of strategically managing that complex process well is immeasurable. And it leads to sustained competitive advantage.

InReality is an expert at working with clients to help facilitate the strategic development and execution of customer experience strategies – what we call experience integration. Because all the strategy in the world is meaningless unless it gets executed. Our passion is bringing it all together, activating strategy… making it a reality.

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