Predictive Shopping—Beyond the Shopping Experience

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Apr 03 2015, Posted by InReality

Just this week Amazon revealed its IoT-powered Dash button, allowing consumers to reorder household goods at the touch of a (physical!) button.

That seems smart, but also very gimmicky—who wants their home looking like a Nascar racer, plastered with little branded buttons all over the place? Nonetheless, I am certain some shoppers will be curious and try it out. Personally, I can’t wait to push my friends’ Dash buttons. Their porches may soon be overflowing with laundry detergent…

Aesthetics and potential pranks aside, Amazon has once again showed us its dedication to pushing the bar to streamline its experience for consumers. And, this time they’ve done it with a technology that has the potential to really change the user experience… for the better. Once installed, the Dash button seamlessly integrates into customers’ everyday lives—reducing the friction and moving consumer packaged goods even beyond channels.

Something else was also announced this week, and that is even more interesting: Poppyhome is launching a suite of IoT-enabled small appliances that not only automate some household tasks, but also reorder supplies automatically. As a matter of fact, the service experience is built upon Amazon Dash, but without all that brand noise. Positioned as “products that think for you”, Poppyhome really has a chance to truly disrupt retail. Their products combine sophisticated, classic looks with never-seen-before functionality. And, they stand a chance at making immediate sense to consumers: one product, one function, one set of supplies and self-learning. Overall, Poppyhome has done an exceptional job of putting the service and user experience in the foreground—and therefore will likely be successful in reaching the hearts of consumers and driving the company’s bottom line.

That said, perhaps the core threat to brick-and-mortar brands and retailers is less from ecommerce, and more from predictive shopping solutions—automating even the purchasing decision itself.

However, the good news is, the opportunity to disrupt retail does not belong solely to online players; the opportunity is the same for offline players as well! Taking a leadership role in retail means reinventing not only the shopper experience, but rethinking the points of interaction from the ground up. Successful organizations, like Amazon, have embraced this insight at the core of their corporate culture—always taking risks, measuring consumer reactions and innovating to improve each customer interaction along the path to purchase. Those in brick-and-mortar can do the same. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for retail in the coming years! Exciting times.

Image Credit: Amazon


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